Where do I start? How can I Get Fit Over 40?

You need a plan. A plan is not only important, it’s vital.

You need to follow a realistic course of action that will lead you to your goal. A plan will give you structure and accountability, and it will allow you to determine what works for you.

When you follow a plan you can expect a certain outcome. If your efforts don’t yield the desired outcomes, you can revise the plan, tweak the process and move forward.

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The ACTION PLAN is an 18 WEEK progressive fat loss and body shaping program that is based on sound exercise principles and a supportive nutrition plan. This plan combines quick tempo weight training and cardio exercise with an effective, sustainable eating system. The Action Plan is organized for you on a calendar that’s easy to follow and includes every fitness component necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. You can do this program at home with minimal equipment or take it to the gym for your cardio days. You will notice major changes immediately!

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