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The Fit Life – Gerda is Fit Over 40

“I started my fitness journey and one of the glaring reasons I did was the feeling of ‘un-sureness’ I had doing ordinary things. Feeling unsteady, vulnerable and timid about stairs, long walks, hikes. At age 50 I wasn’t ready to stop doing the things I liked. I made a change, took charge and never looked […]

You Can’t Get There from Here

Bad knees? Bum shoulder? Weak back? It’s nearly impossible to help someone if they won’t help themselves. If you want to lose weight but you’re in pain, you’re inflexible, you can’t squat, or you can’t lift your arm, you need a physiotherapist before an exercise program. Harsh? Maybe…but in the long run you’ll thank me. […]

The Fit Life – Barbara is Fit Over 40

“You have one body. Care for it and feed it well, it’s the only place you have to live.” I truly believe the fountain of youth is found in the gym, in the classroom (yoga, spin, boxing…. whatever!), in the pool…….. and a nice glass of red wine doesn’t hurt.” Meet Barb! I’m Barbara Joan […]

Build a Brick House

Are you considering a strict diet and bootcamp exercise to make up for summer weight gain? Think again because you’re running out of time, and those quick weight loss schemes never work out in the long run! As we age it becomes more and more difficult for our bodies to rebound from trauma; crash dieting […]

Health Issues? Get Fit Anyway!

I will decide how I age. I have control.  But, There Will Be Snags Exercising while dealing with chronic or acute health conditions is tough. Often, the issue keeps you from doing the very thing that will have a positive effect on the condition. At the outset of a therapeutic training program you’ll feel an […]

You Look Just Fine…

….but you want more. You want strong. You want to be fit. You want awesome aging. Many, many, many women want to lose weight – some, lots of weight. “Bigger” women can’t figure out for the life of them what those “skinny” women are complaining about….they look just fine! I get it. When you have […]

Eight Women Share Their Fat Loss Journey

I’d like to share with you the process I’m using to help several women achieve their physical fitness goals. This series will feature real – awesome – and dedicated women who have graciously agreed to share their journey. These narratives will hopefully inspire you and demystify the process of physical transformation. You can follow and […]

Grow Some Goals

We now know, after 40+ years of trial and failure, that it’s tough to make one humongous lifestyle change. The hard work and discipline necessary to switch years of nasty habits to angelic ones is near impossible to sustain. I’ve found that the easiest way to stay on track and measure progress is to set […]

My Mom Made Me Do It

(A Thank You to my Mom on her Birthday) Mom was our first real Personal Trainer. Remember when she made you eat all your vegetables and scooted you outside to play? Don’t you wish that someone (anyone!) had that authority over you now? Someone to make sure you’re in bed early and insist you eat […]

Eat a Sandwich

The Sandwich Evolution = Your Fitness Revolution Working at making a lifestyle change is hard work if you make it hard, so why not stop working at it? Don’t make it into work, don’t call it work and don’t think of it as work. All that work is just too hard! Eat a sandwich…… Yes, […]

When the Excitement Fades

Sustaining motivation throughout a difficult transition is the #1 BIGGEST effort you will have to put forth in your weight loss/health gain transformation. We’ve all experienced that moment when we’ve had enough of our current condition and state of health. I can pinpoint with amazing accuracy the moment it hit me. I was at my […]

Child Birth and Weight Loss – What We Know Over 40

“Did you know that they sometimes have to stitch you up because you tear ‘down there” when the baby is born!?” Laura asked with eyes popping in disbelief and horror. Laura is one of the younger girls in our group. This morning during exercise, she shared a story about her friends’ childbirth experience. “The baby […]

Protein: Chug It or Chew It?

Your body needs protein, an essential nutrient, to build, repair and maintain its organs, cells and tissues. Specific to fat loss, your body needs protein to build muscle. Muscle will burn fat. Capeesh? Let’s keep it really simple now and think this through so that you can decide what makes sense and what works for […]

Confession: I Don’t Always Practice What I Preach

This is the lesson: Patience. This is the take home message: Set modest goals that you can meet incrementally so that you don’t get discouraged and quit. Expecting too much too soon is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make when it comes to lifestyle change. This is the confession: Do I follow that […]

What is Wrong with Me?

We were able to lose weight in our late 30’s. Now we’re Over 40 and the weight is creeping back on despite exercise and diet. We start to notice more bloating in the stomach area. What is wrong with us?? Ughhh! First, and foremost, there is NOTHING wrong with you! Either you want to get […]

Get Rid of Flabby Thighs Over 40

My Flabby Thighs I hated my thighs all my life and because I am over 40 (way over) that’s a stinkin’ long time. Too long for someone with a reasonable level of self esteem, or so I would imagine from a psychological perspective. It’s so hard to post this comparison but it illustrates my point. […]

Right On Time!

It’s Mid-January..a great time to begin. Are you a little late getting to your New Years resolution fitness? Yep, me too! I’ve been active. I’ve been exercising. I’ve been busy but I’ve not been focused. It’s easy to stay in “pretty good shape” by keeping active, but in order to make changes you have to be […]

No Guilt In Between

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year Happy Thanksgiving GFO40 Family! In the time between Thanksgiving and New Years it’s tough! It’s tough to get it all done, and so it’s probably not the ideal time to begin a whole new lifestyle, diet, exercise program. Accept this, do the best you can and allow NO GUILT! […]

You Are Beautiful

Self-Bashing: Where did it begin? We are living with stereotypes and the labels are seriously damaging. Not good enough. Lazy. Bitchy. Ugly. Fat. Undisciplined. Mean. Insecure. Superficial. Vain. Who said that, and why’d we believe it? And why on earth are we still carrying it around? Sure we can blame the media and the industry […]

Are You Standing In Your Own Way?

Are you stuck? Millions of Over 40 women are successful at positive lifestyle change, weight loss and improving their health. How do they do it? You might say they are “lucky” or they have great genetics, or they have more time and money. You might reason that they have a fast metabolism, or willpower that […]

HGH- The Ultimate Youth Hormone

I’m always excited to learn new ways to optimize my ability to become stronger and healthier by implementing natural strategies. We have an absolute ability to manage our aging process! The human body holds power beyond imagination. If we learn to harness that power and nurture the amazing systems within, we can and will become […]

Plank Motion and Activation

The Plank Pose is the bomb for strengthening your abdominal muscles and also the muscles of the back, hips, and pelvic floor. You won’t get six-pack abs doing this exercise alone, but you will gain core stability (trunk and spine) and great posture! How to do it. Tighten your abdominal muscles to help you hold the […]

Vitamin B12 Shots for Fat Loss?

You’re doing it the right way, yes? Working consistently, eating right, enjoying a physical lifestyle?   Everything is going great! You’re motivated and loving your training but you still want “an edge”. Are B12 shots the answer? Tracey writes, “I’m training again and did my first big ride yesterday. I’m coming back! Do the shots […]


Fresh, Fun and Functional Get Fit Over 40 is getting a new look! I’m so very excited to give the website a really good renovation and with the help of my Action Team, the job will begin this month! In order to give the information that you really need I’d like to ask you to join […]

Radical Action-Radical Results

Are you feeling hopeless? Here’s some radical advice that you won’t like at all. Make a drastic change. No. Don’t even worry about hitting the gym or stocking up on lettuce leaves. Plan to live a leaner life with new habits that you might not associate with a diet program. Habits, good or bad, got you here […]

Self Respect

Have You Wondered? Do I respect myself? When I’m tired, do I rest? When I’m hungry, do I feed myself well? When I am lethargic do I get active? When I’m injured, do I take time to heal, seek professional help, and nurture habits that make me strong? When I fail, do I pick myself […]

Even Wonder Woman Sleeps In

The Wake Up Call Karen! Hey Karen?! A voice called out in the early morning quiet. A dream? No, more of a nightmare (well not that bad but it did freak me out). I slept in. Aghhhh, damn! My fitness studio is located directly below my living area and the morning girls had arrived at 5:30 […]

The Miracle Question

What if, tomorrow morning, you woke up at your goal weight? What things would you be doing differently to have achieved that? What’s in your fridge? What clothes are in your closet? Where do you spend your time? How has your daily schedule changed? What are your priorities? Who are your friends? Do you see […]

Thai Spring Rolls

“Professional” Spring Rolls My Spring Rolls! So, you can’t/won’t cook? Me either! I am the quintessential non-chef.  Thankfully I passed the “gourmet gene” on to my two boys but I happily open a can of tuna, steam some vegetables and rice, shake up some protein and hit the gym with my Corelle containers. This one is […]

Weight Loss Stall – Face the Facts

Face facts now. Before you begin your lifestyle weight loss plan know this-you WILL stall. Even while following all rules and regulations to a tee, your body will have its own way in its own time. When this happens, stay calm and trouble shoot. Are you eating enough? You might need to increase your calorie intake […]

3 Things to Do Now

Beginning the ACTION PLAN. Don’t wait for the New Year. Don’t wait for another Monday. Here are 3 things you can do right now while you organize yourself for the Action Plan. It’s very exciting when you are all “motivated up” and ready to start, but we both know that if you aren’t prepared it will […]

Fitbit Love

Gotta get a gift? Christmas, birthday, anniversary? Mothers Day, Valentines Day? I give the fitbit FLEX.  It’s awesome! It’s a great little accountability tool that will keep you on track and honest.  As well, the sleep feature really helps troubleshoot sleep and stress issues that may be hindering progress. We’ll be talking more about the […]

Slaying Midnight Munchies

TRUTH This is really hard to tell you; your dream diet illusions will be crushed, but I believe that you guys are ready to face some hard truths. Truth: to achieve long term weight loss success, expect to feel hungry at times. To manage the hunger and midnight munchies, plan ahead for the assault and devise your […]

Control the Monday Monster

Monday: “My Day” How do you feel on Monday Mornings? Are you up and raring to go? Or, are you tired and lethargic, raring to go back to bed? You can control how you feel! Monday mornings, or any morning for that matter, can be productive, energetic and even euphoric. It’s a brand new week […]

Party Prep Plan

Get Party Ready and Fit Over 40 Note: This is a great “at home” program for any season, winter, spring, summer or fall! Follow it anytime you need to change up your routine or prepare for a special event. Thanksgiving is 6 weeks away and Christmas, 10 weeks. Are you going to feel great  in […]

6 Lessons for Over 40 Weight Loss

Get Help and Support It’s  tempting to “go it alone” when embarking on a weight loss journey. Many do it and succeed but the fact of the matter is, you are busy with your work, your home, your family, your friends. You may not have the time to devote to the research, the planning and the […]

Intelligent Eating

Confusion We are confused. We want to eat the “right way” but we have no idea what the right way is. Paleo, gluten free, low carb, blood type, intermittent fasting, vegan, vegetarian. What is clean eating? What is the best diet plan? What? When? How much? Should I cut calories? Cut fat? Cut carbs? The […]

Starting in the Middle

We are always in the middle of something. Wedding planning, a new job, school preparations, home renovations: there is always something going on. When you connect with the fire from within, that motivation will make it possible to accomplish the lifestyle changes you desire. You can lose weight in the middle of whatever situation is currently monopolizing […]

Extreme Fitness Over 40 – It’s Not Necessary!

What It Takes Insane Workouts. Marathon Sessions. Ultra Clean Eating Deprivation. Exercise Fanaticism. Critical Calorie Counting. That’s what it’s going to take, right? Actually, no. Losing weight will take consistency and patience.  Willpower and determination are key for long-term successful weight loss, and that is an extreme concept to most. We believe that fast, hard and long […]


Get Unstuck It would be a small miracle to follow a weight loss program and progress smoothly, consistently and effortlessly. It would be fantastic to drop pound after pound, to see your body change, skin tighten, aches disappear and live happily ever after. It’s going to happen, although not as consistently as you might hope.  The […]

99 Problems & Belly Fat is One

Stress Fat The boss is on vacation, your partner is down with a cold, your workload is doubled, the car is in for repairs, the kids are home from school, the fridge is empty, and the house is a FREAKING mess. You are exhausted, frustrated, at the end of your rope, and feeling fat and lousy. […]


Most of us are conditioned to believe that a good workout means of sweating our butts off and then crawling out of the gym. The truth is, that’s not necessary. It’s important to work hard, but it’s vital to work smart. There is no success training into an injury, into exhaustion or into confusion. Follow a plan and have […]

Balancing Life Over 40: Big Rocks

Striving for Balance   What are your priorities? If you were to fill a jar with the “big rocks” of your life, what would it look like? When you are pulled in countless directions, what is it that really counts when you hope to get it all done? A Jar of Rocks: Health is a […]

Just Show Up

What Will It Take? Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a lot to do this weekend with Father’s Day? I understand it’s summer and that means you are very busy socially and with work, but I encourage you to find the time to take care of yourself and your health. It is the […]

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Get Started now! $10.00 OFF Download the eBook: THE ACTION PLAN LIMITED TIME ONLY SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER – THE ACTION PLAN DOWNLOAD $39.99    The Action Plan: eBook Instant Download Only. $49.99 $39.99 “The ACTION PLAN is an 18 week progressive fat loss and body shaping program based on sound exercise principles and a supportive nutrition […]


Place hands on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Position one leg forward and bent under body and extend other leg back. While holding upper body in steady, alternate leg positions, landing on both feet simultaneously. Note: Intensity can be increased by stepping faster.


Stand with dumbbell positioned near shoulder with elbow below wrist. Press dumbbell upward until arm is extended overhead. Lower to side of shoulder and repeat. Torso may naturally lean “away” for balance which is ok or you can strive to maintain upright posture.


Start in a standing position holding the dumbbell in front of you. Push your rear end back and bend forward, stretching the hamstrings slightly, until the dumbbell is just above your knees. With a swift movement, burst upwards to a standing position. Pulling with your arm, bring the dumbbell to shoulder height. Lower the dumbbell […]


With feet shoulder width apart, grasp a dumbbell with both hands. Position the weight around shoulder height. Keeping your chest up, lower yourself into a squat, bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. As you stand up, push the dumbbell overhead. Lower the weight as you return to squat position.


Begin in a standing position. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the floor. In one quick motion, thrust feet back to assume the plank position. Return to the squat position in one quick motion. Return to standing position. Note: Increase intensity by jumping up instead of standing.


Stand with your feet about 6 inches apart, toes pointed forward. Take a forward step out and push back. Keep your back upright. The further you step out, the more you work the gluteus and hamstrings. (butt and back of legs) The closer you step, the more you work the quadriceps muscles. (front of legs) […]


Position yourself in plank, hands slightly wider than your shoulders, and with your body in a straight line from head to toe without sagging in the middle or arching your back. Contract abs and maintain a tight core throughout the movement. Bend elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90° angle and […]


Grasp a dumbbell, hands shoulder width apart. Position your feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointed out to the sides, and let the dumbbell hang a few inches in front of your thighs. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Immediately stand back up as you lift the dumbbell up toward your […]


Bend at the hips and grasp the dumbbell with both hands at arms length in front of you. Shift bodyweight back slightly and swing dumbbell between your legs. On the return, squeeze your gluteus, (your butt) thrust hips forward and allow the dumbbell to swing up to shoulder height. Allow momentum to work. Don’t lift […]


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms at sides. Start by lowering into a squat position and then jump explosively, thrust towards the ceiling. Land smoothly, absorbing the impact by lowering back into the squat position. Use your whole foot to jump, not just your toes.