Does Detox Work for Weight Loss? Get the Answers You Need

Does Detox Work for Weight Loss or is it Just a Myth?

You’ve probably been tempted at one point or another by those fancy juice cleanses your favourite celebrities always rave about.

Here’s the thing about detox diet plans: they don’t work. Not for us mortals.

Celebrities have millions of dollars to spend on professional chefs and gourmet ingredients. Most of us just have our blender and a recipe we found on Pinterest.

With the new year coming up and your resolutions starting to weigh on your mind, it’s tempting to fall for advertising gimmicks. But don’t be a victim to overpriced juice.

Let me explain why you’re wasting time and money on these detox diet plans. You’ll thank me, I promise.

Thinking About a Detox Diet Plan? Get The Truth Here.

Your Body Needs Nutrients

Did you know that the original detox diet plan, called the Master Cleanse, was invented in the 1940s? It was a serum made from water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. Patients took that, plus a laxative at night.

And what happened? They starved. To the point that they felt dizzy, sick, and weak.

Most detox diets, whether it’s pills, juices, soups, or any other fad out there, don’t make you feel very good. In fact, people who detox generally feel weaker, have lower energy and blood sugar levels, and experience muscle aches.

There’s a reason that the food guide recommends a certain amount of nutrients and food groups per day. It’s because you need nutrients in your body to grow and stay strong.

The stronger you are, the more you’ll achieve the healthy body you want with lasting results.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Suffer Through a Detox Diet Plan

Is Detoxing Good For Your Body?

No one really needs to detox.

Your body is built the way it is to get rid of toxins on its own. The liver and the kidneys are both designed to be natural cleansing systems, flushing out any chemicals or toxins that make their way inside.

Your body works around the clock, and it never takes a day off. Even when you do.

If you’re eating properly and practicing the right healthy habits, your body will naturally do the work your fancy detox diet plan says it can do.

The only time your body won’t naturally do this is if you’ve been eating junk and horrible fatty foods. And not just a few days’ worth.

If that’s you, all you have to do is start eating better, and your body will naturally restore itself.

Not only that, but detoxing can actually make certain health conditions worse. People who have diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, or need to monitor cholesterol could have seriously harmful consequences.

So, the answer is no. It’s not good for your body because your body is already doing its own detox. Don’t get in the way of biology.

The Problem With Your Detox Diet Plan

Detoxes Can Cause Weight Gain and Muscle Loss in The Long Run

Have you ever deprived yourself of something for so long, when you actually do allow yourself to eat it, you gorge until you feel nauseous?

That’s what happens when you do a detox or a cleanse.

These detoxes can also lead to dangerous habits of binge eating, then cleansing, and then repeating the cycle over and over.

Since you effectively starve yourself and deprive yourself of essential nutrients, fiber, and protein, you lose control when you do go to eat those foods again. And the cycle continues.

Break the cycle with a more effective nutrition program that leads to long term results. You don’t have to give up everything you love, and you’ll become strong, energized, and ready to take on all of life’s challenges.

Does Detox Work for Weight Loss? Get the Answers You Need

Detox Diet Plans Are Short Term

Sure, you might drop 20 pounds in a couple weeks. But the chances of that weight staying off are very slim.

Detoxes aren’t meant for a long term fix. They involve eating or drinking the same few things over that short period of time.

Do you really want to live like that? I sure don’t.

Living your best life involves a long term commitment to healthy habits that will last longer than any detox diet plan will.

With my help, you can eat what you want and indulge when you want. You won’t dive headfirst into the dessert table at the first chance you get because you won’t be depriving yourself of all that’s delicious in this world.

All you need is guidance. Let me help you take those first steps.

Does Detox Work for Weight Loss? Get the Truth Here

With the Right Nutrition Program, You Can Lose Weight and Eat What You Want

The best diet plan for weight loss and getting in shape revolves around making healthy habits and lifestyle choices. You have to be able to find a way to incorporate healthy choices in your lifestyle, not just for a couple days at a time.

Breaking bad habits is the key to your success. Not faking your way through a series of fad diets, and not just dieting when you need to lose weight fast.

When you commit to a better nutrition program, you’re taking the first steps toward a better life. Genuinely feeling and looking better is better than anything you can buy in a box.

You might not see the results you desire right away, but I promise you that they will come. The longer they take, the more likely they’ll last.

Does Detox Work for Weight Loss? Here’s the Problem With These Diets

Want a Diet Plan That Does Work? Then I can Help.

So, does detox work for weight loss? No, it absolutely does not. At least, not if you want long term, lasting results.

I’m a certified Precision Nutrition coach ready to help you give your life the overhaul it needs.

My 1 year body transformation program will get you in the best shape of your life, no fancy juice and eternal suffering necessary.

Stick with me, dedicate yourself, and you will persevere. Are you ready to get off the couch for good and become a better person?

If you’re ready, join me and the thousands of others who have already changed their lives with this program.

Online Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss

Get Fit and Stay Fit: 27 Proven ways to Transform Your Body

27 Ways to Transform Your Body: How You Can Change Your Life

Transforming your body can be simple! It doesn’t need to involve a long list of complicated challenges you’re likely to give up on after a month.

Try my plan for a 1 year body transformation. I know it sounds like a long time, and you want to see results fast.

But trust me when I say that it takes time to get fit and stay fit, and it starts with changing your habits.

Here are 27 simple things you can do to transform your body. They’re all based on effective habits that you can include in your life right now.

By next year, you won’t even remember a time when you didn’t do these things!

 Lady with dress - Get Fit and Stay Fit: 27 Proven ways to Transform Your Body -Get fit and stay fit

1. Stop Waiting for Motivation

Stop waiting around for some inspiration to strike. If you do this, you’re never going to get started. Get off the couch now, and stop making excuses. The inspiration will come.

2. Stop Falling for “Lose Weight Quick” Slogans

These slogans are just ads. They don’t work. Focus on healthy ways to lose weight instead, and form the right habits to get fit and stay fit for the long term.

3. Focus on the Now- but Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Maybe you’re getting in shape because you don’t want to stand out in the wrong way at your daughter’s wedding. Or maybe you’re going on a big vacation that requires wearing a swimsuit. Either way, keep thinking about that goal and use it as motivation.

4. Pay Attention to Your Environment

Take a look around you. Are you surrounding yourself with bad influences, or putting yourself in situations where there are too many temptations? If so, it might be time for a change in scenery.

5. Find What You Love About Yourself

One good habit to keep is to stay positive and find what you love about yourself. You deserve a total body transformation, and you’re working hard to get it. Now, you’ll get to be the best version of yourself. 27 Things You Can do to Transform Your Body Right Now - Healthy ways to lose weight

6. Don’t Think of Exercise as Work

The more fun you make your workouts, the more motivated you’ll be to do them. The more you continue to enjoy them, the more likely you’ll get fit and stay fit for good.

7. Stop Eating When You’re Full Enough

Just because your plate is full of food, doesn’t mean you need to finish the whole thing. If you start to feel full, stop eating. Don’t overstuff your stomach- this could backfire and cause it to expand, leaving you more prone to overeating regularly.

8. Drink Lots of Water

Yes, I know you’ve heard this a million times. But staying hydrated helps you feel less hungry. If you don’t like water, try flavoured water or even a herbal tea in between meals.

9. Try to Limit the Ingredients You Use

The more ingredients you put into something, the more likely it’s something you shouldn’t be eating. It gets harder to keep track of what you’re eating this way. The more simple you keep it, the better you’ll feel.

10. Do What You’re Capable of

If you’re not ready to increase your weight, or your intensity, but you feel like you should, don’t do it. Stick with what you’re comfortable doing, otherwise you could hurt yourself and cut your transformation short. 27 Proven Ways to Transform Your Body and Life Your best Life - Healthy ways to lose weight

11. Throw in Some Variety

Your body is built to adapt to things. If you do the same thing over and over again, especially for resistance training, you’ll begin to question why you’re not seeing any results. Changing up your routines will help you get fit and stay fit, and as a bonus, you’ll be less likely to get bored.

12. Start Moving as Soon as You Wake up

Even if it’s just a stretch when you get out of bed, start your day off by moving. This will help centralize your energy, help you wake up faster, and keep you conscious about the decisions you’re going to make that day.

13. Stop Eating In Front of the TV

People who eat their meals in front of the TV are more likely to gain weight because they’re not being conscious about what they’re eating and when they feel full. If you must have a snack while you watch Survivor, portion only what you need into a bowl and put the rest away.

14. Keep a Log

While it’s not necessarily important to count calories all the time, it’s helpful to record your eating patterns and see what areas you should work on. A log is also helpful to keep track of your workouts and watch your progress as you go.

15. Get Your Beauty Rest

You should be getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. The body can only do so much for you if you don’t give it enough rest.
27 Things You Can do Right Now to Transform Your Body - Total body transformation

16. Eat a Protein and a Vegetable at Every Meal

Yes, I know you already know this. They’ve been telling us this since elementary school. But sometimes we don’t think about how much protein we’re actually eating at each meal. Pay more attention and you’ll be more satisfied during the day.

17. Don’t Let Others Influence Your Portion Sizes

If you’re going out to eat a lot with your partner, or friends, and they’re larger than you, they need to eat more. Look at your plate. If your portion is the same as theirs, you’re eating too much.

18. When You do Indulge, Focus on Every Bite

It’s okay to indulge. And when you do, focus on how much you enjoy every bite. Thinking about how much you enjoy the food makes you appreciate it and eat it slower, leaving you feeling full faster.

19. Accept That There Are Going to be ups and Downs

Sometimes, the scale can fluctuate. There are days when we don’t feel like exercising. And that’s okay. A total body transformation takes time, so don’t give up.

20. Understand That You’re Never Alone

You are not the only person who is putting this much work in each and every day. Even the healthiest people have to constantly work to maintain where they are. And I’ll be there every step of the way of your journey to help, even if you fall off the wagon.
27 Ways to Transform Your Body and Start a New You - 1 year body transformation

21. Celebrate Your Achievements

It’s important to recognize how far you’ve come. Acknowledge, and maybe even reward yourself, for the mini-milestones you achieve during your total body transformation.

22. Focus on Being a Role Model

If you have kids, no matter how old they are, you want them to look up to you and be inspired to live their best life, too. Your friends, family, and coworkers could also become inspired, too. Trust me, this makes everyone feel fantastic.

23. Let Other People’s Success Inspire You

When we see those amazing success stories, it’s hard not to be jealous sometimes. Or we think that could never be us. Instead of being jealous or negative, let those stories inspire you. If they did it, you can too!

24. Open Your Mind to New Knowledge

You might think you know what to do. Eat the salad, drink the water, and use the treadmill, right? But no one knows everything, and there are so many secrets you probably don’t know about. If someone gives you advice, take it. You’ll be surprised how much you learn.

25. Prioritize Yourself

It’s easy to feel like you’re being selfish when you shift some of the focus to yourself instead of those who need you. But you need to be at your best to make sure everyone else is at theirs. Those who care about you will understand.
Get Fit and Stay Fit: 27 Proven ways to Transform Your Body - Great ways to lose weight

26. Restructure Your Grocery Store Route

Stay on the outside of the store, where all the good stuff is. You won’t find fruits, vegetables, meat proteins, and eggs in the middle aisles. If you avoid the aisles with all the processed foods, you’ll be able to resist temptations. And never grocery shop when you’re hungry!

27. Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Decisions

You are the one who makes the conscious choice to stay persistent. When you fall off the wagon, figure out what you’re doing wrong and hold yourself to your commitments. No one can make you change- except yourself.

Let me Help You Transform Your Body and Live Your Best Life

I’m Karen Pilote, your certified Precision Nutrition coach and personal trainer. My program will help you get the body you want the right way.

No more fad diets, no more gimmicks. Just healthy ways to get fit and stay fit.

As your certified nutrition coach, I’m not going to let you do this alone. I’ll be there for you every step of the way, with advice, tips, and ideas that will fit your lifestyle.

Sign up for Precision Nutrition today, and see the difference your habits can make.

 Online Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss

How Breaking Bad Habits is the Key to Living Your Best Life

The Key to Breaking Your Bad Habits Once and For All

Let’s admit it. We have some bad habits. And not just your run-of-the-mill ones.

Breaking bad habits can seem impossible. Especially since these habits just keep building on top of others.

Like wine. We drink one, we drink two, we eat the chips, we eat the cheese. We say ‘what the hell’ and skip the healthy dinner. We sleep poorly, tossing and turning, staying awake in the middle of the night to worry about something that happened 2 weeks ago.

It’s like a slow rolling car that picks up speed on a downward hill and begins to careen out of control. There’s no stopping it, and eventually forming healthy habits seems like a distant dream.

So we decide to start Monday. But then, on the Saturday before the Monday, the wine comes out again. Sunday is a write off and Monday…..well, we’re busy Monday.

Then, we make the excuses. It’s menopause. It’s age. It’s metabolism. It’s the C-section I had 30 years ago. The reasons are award-winning, really; and the way we drag it all out! I truly laugh out loud at myself- my brain and my excuses some days!

So then, where to start? It has to be simple, and it has to be something that won’t cause that chain reaction of BS to start up again.

You might think I’m going to say give up the wine, but I did say it’s got to be simple. Giving up your cocktails, quite frankly, is not all that simple. So, where do we start?


Breaking bad habits is how you’re going to achieve the results you want and live your best life. And I’m going to show you how you can do it.

strawberry cocktail - Breaking bad habits

Forming Healthy Habits for Good

If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, you’re going to have to make some permanent changes to your daily habits. This means forming healthy habits and breaking those bad habits that seem to nag you every day.

If you go “all out” for a couple of months, and watch your diet like a drill sergeant, you’ll probably get impressive results. But sometimes you lose that motivation for losing weight, and you’ll most likely revert to your old habits and gain the fat back just as quickly as you lost it.

Have you been there before?

A more realistic approach to attaining your weight loss goals is to tackle your habits, one at a time.

Listen, we’re bombarded with fad diets, fat burning supplements and infomercial workout gadgets. It’s easy to get lost in the weight loss industry’s latest scheme to lose weight fast.

But we’re often left confused (heavier, tired, and miserable), wondering what works. We switch from diet to diet, fitness guru to fitness guru, program to program, hoping that someday, some way, we’ll achieve that lean, defined body.

Woman staring at ocean - Breaking bad habits Motivation for losing weight

You Can Lose Weight and Keep it Off- Even Over 40

I want you to know that burning body fat and getting into shape is not a complex process. Not even if you’re over 40.

You can lose that weight and keep it off. Your age isn’t an excuse anymore.

Achieving that body and state of health is biologically complex, yes, but it’s pretty simple in terms of the steps you need to take to set that process into action. You can increase muscle definition, feel healthier and more energetic, and  feel better about yourself. And it’s not complicated!

Most of us are typical, everyday people who want to lose body fat as quickly and easily as possible without having our lives completely revolve around a weight loss program. And you can!

The only thing you really need is the desire to learn and the willpower to work. That, as well as a sound, sensible, straightforward approach. That’s what you get with Get Fit Over 40 Nutrition Coaching.

Heart shaped fruit cup - Get Fit Over 40 Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Nutrition Coaching Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off

Now, if I could teach you everything that you need to know to get the best results possible in the most efficient way, would you be excited for that opportunity? I bet you would…

But if I were to give you every fact, figure and lesson in one short diet plan, you wouldn’t learn much. In fact, you’d probably be more confused and frustrated than before.

So, we will work together for a full year… I know that sounds like a long time, but I have to be honest; it’s the time you need to take to develop good habits that will last.

Learn How to keep your New Year’s Resolution!

“Being honest won’t get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.” Are you the right one for this plan? The people that I’ve worked with, those who’ve been successful in achieving a whole new lean lifestyle, have invested time.

Breaking bad habits takes time, and let’s face it, we’ve been working on some of our bad habits for years! I know that you want it “fast,” and I’ll tell you right up front, this is not a “quick fix.”

That being said, I have to say, in my opinion it’s the quickest fix you’re going to find.

Not in terms of bottom line immediate results, but you’ll begin to see your outlook, understanding, and approach to fat burning and weight loss change. You’ll be more confident in your ability to achieve weight loss. Long term, sustainable weight loss. No kidding.

Measuring tape on waist - Develop good habits

I’ll Help You Find the Motivation for Losing Weight and Breaking Bad Habits

I’m sharing this with you because I want to work with you.

If the concept of gradual, consistent change makes sense to you, we’re the right fit. If you want to learn good sustainable habits for optimum health, we should work together. If you want to be proactive in avoiding the health issues that come with age and obesity, my program will deliver.

But you’ll need to be persistent.

You’ll need to find the motivation to lose weight and keep it off. Persistence is how you’re going to develop good habits, and it’s also how you’re going to break those bad habits once and for all.

“Persistence will always outdo talent alone” – you need to remember that. Thousands of people in the world are naturally gifted at so many things. But these people work hard every day implementing strategies that move them forward toward their dreams.

You’ll have to practice, be mindful, stay focused on daily lessons, and implement new habits. This coaching program will help you do that. I’ll guide you with daily lessons, workshops, and videos. You’ll learn what it takes for you, as an individual, to make the right changes at the right time.

Your lifestyle will evolve every step of the way by working on simple habits, making baby steps, implementing realistic strategies to help you succeed with the habits, and focusing on your goal with daily lessons.

Woman doing yoga next to ocean - Lose weight and keep it off

A Bare Essentials List to Lose Weight and Get Fit Over 40

In my opinion, the bare essentials for maintaining optimum health and transforming your body are nutrition and strength training.

These two things alone will help you achieve most of your results.

Nutrition needs to focus on individual, flexible and simple guidelines that become effortless lifestyle habits. Long-term change occurs when you focus on bare essentials.

Strength training needs to focus on exercises that are basic, done consistently, gradually and progressively.

Learn 27 Proven ways to Transform Your Body

Woman laughing - Develop good habits

I’m Karen Pilote, and I’m a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach Ready to Help You Get Your Life on Track

I know it’s frustrating to long for a body you don’t have and not have the tools or knowledge it takes to get it. But you can have that body, and I am confident that when you take it day by day, meal by meal, and workout by workout, you will slowly and steadily change your lifestyle for the better and have the figure and the health you want.

It takes guts to stand up and commit to a process like this, and it also takes determination.

If you’ve recognized your desire to change and are willing to take active steps to reach that goal, despite the knowledge that it will require hard work and patience, you need this program.

And you’re going to succeed with that attitude!

Subscribe to my newsletter now for my best insights and top advice to keep you on track. If you’re ready to commit, join Precision Nutrition today!

Online Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss

Yes, You Can! Avoid Holiday Weight Gain While You Indulge

Indulge Without the Bulge: How to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays  

The holidays are a really hard time of the year for your wallet and your waistline. Most of us fall victim to weight gain over the holidays, whether it’s from mindlessly binging on dinners or snacking on all the yummy baked goods.

In fact, Americans typically gain an average of at least 5 pounds over the holiday season.

That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can set you back when you’ve been working so hard on your nutrition program. Just seeing those extra 5 pounds can be super discouraging.

But healthy holidays aren’t impossible. Trust me, I love baked goods just like anyone else! It is possible to indulge in the treats you love without going overboard.

Consider some of these proven weight management tips that can help you enjoy your festivities without regretting it on January 1st.


Enjoy Your Holidays and Indulge…Without Guilt

The first thing that you need to know is that you can, and you should, enjoy those Christmas cookies or that piece of pumpkin pie. It’s the holidays- you should be enjoying this wonderful time!

Weight gain happens when people enjoy their holidays a little too much. If you overindulge, that’s when the bulge comes out.

So is there a happy medium? The answer is yes. There is always a happy medium!

Cakes - How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - Weight gain over the holidays

Find Any Way to Work in Exercise

Nobody expects you to take time out of preparing for your family gathering and going to the gym to work out. We aren’t perfect and the holidays are often busy enough as it is.

But there are little things you can do to work in some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be strenuous- just something to get you moving! Light activity is better than nothing.

Try taking an evening stroll with your family to go check out the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood. You could also partake in that traditional family Thanksgiving football game for some fun exercise.

And guess what? Boxing day shopping counts for exercise! 🙂


Sneak in Some Healthy Holiday Snacks

Okay, so you’re not going to replace your famous holiday cookies with fruit sticks. But there are some really delicious healthy recipes out there you can try to include alongside your classic snacks.

If you’re heading to a holiday potluck or party where you know you’re going to be surrounded by unhealthy recipes, bring something healthy. This way, you’ll know that there’s going to be something good to eat and you won’t starve trying to avoid the bad stuff.

You can also try making healthier versions of classic holiday dishes for your own dinner, like the stuffing on this page.

If any of your dinner guests complain about the healthier items on their dinner plate, you can kindly tell them they are welcome to make dinner next time!

Of course, if you want to enjoy a traditional holiday dinner the way that you always do, there’s no shame in that. Just make sure you balance your plate properly- choose more veggies and less stuffing.

Check my Pinterest board for some good holiday inspiration. You can also try some of my Karen-approved, tried and tested recipes for some great ideas!  

Avoid holiday weight gain - It’s Possible: You Can Avoid Holiday Weight Gain And Still Enjoy Yourself

Plan Out Your Options

When you’re at a holiday party or at a family dinner, analyze everything that’s available. If it’s a spread of finger foods on a table, walk through and look at everything before you start making your plate.

Think about what you really want to splurge on. Do you love mashed potatoes? Then consider sacrificing some of your stuffing.

If you want to taste everything, take smaller portions. When you love mashed potatoes and stuffing equally, take both, but don’t take giant piles of each.

Try planning out your dinner plate, too. Fit in as many vegetables as you can. Ideally, you want half your plate to be made up of vegetables.

When you catch yourself slacking off at dinner, go easy on the dessert. It’s as simple as that!

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Without Suffering - Gaining weight over the holidays

Have a Snack Before You Go

Sometimes we tend to starve ourselves all day so we have room to enjoy heaping piles of delicious dinner.

But this is part of the reason that people go through a lot of weight gain over the holidays. If you’re hungry by the time you get to a party, you’ll gorge on everything.

Have a small, but protein-filled, snack an hour before you go out. Even if it’s just an apple, it’s best to have something in your stomach to make it easier to resist temptation.

This will also make it easier for you to pick and choose what foods you really want to indulge in, and which you’re willing to pass over.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Without the Sacrifice - Online nutrition coach

Eat Slowly

When you’re indulging in your holiday cookies, slow down and savour every single bite.

The slower you eat, the more likely you’ll feel full. When you’re stuffing your face with cookies as if you’re never going to taste them again, you’ll eat so many at once you can’t feel yourself getting full.

You know that feeling you get after eating a giant holiday dinner when you feel like you’re going to explode? This is how you avoid that.

Just enjoy the moment in every bite, and you won’t go overboard. You’ll also enjoy the food much more than when you’re just scarfing it down.


I’m Karen! I’m a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and I’m Here to Help You Enjoy Your Holidays.

I love to indulge just as much as anyone else. But I hate seeing people ruin all of their hard work. That’s why I’m here.

Just like you, I’ve been there. I can help you get fit over 40 because I’ve done it myself, and I’m your living proof you can do it too.

If you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, or you just need someone to help you stay strong, join my program. I’m certified through Precision Nutrition to help you get where you want to be.

Join now and get the help you need to start living your best life.


Online Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss

Why Diets Don’t Work: How Precision Nutrition Can Change Your Life

How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight With Precision Nutrition

Have you tried all of the popular diets out there and still don’t see any results? Ever wonder how to eat healthy and lose weight? Tired of listening to the media tell you to eat one thing one day, and then telling you it’s bad for you the next?

Your diet plan doesn’t have to be rocket science.

The best diet to lose weight is Precision Nutrition. In fact, we can show you how to lose weight without dieting at all.

Here’s why Precision Nutrition won’t fail you like the rest of your diets. Find out why you’re guaranteed results with the best weight loss program you can find.

There’s a key element you’re missing when it comes to your diet plan that you might not have thought about: lifestyle. Knowing how to eat healthy and lose weight is only half the battle.

 How to eat healthy and lose weight with Precision Nutrition.

The Problem With Fad Diets

Sure, it might seem tempting to join one of these popular diets, but the truth is that most fad diets focus on the short term results. So you might end up losing 20 pounds, but truthfully it’s probably not going to stay off.

When you deprive yourself of something, the minute you ease up on your diet, the more likely you’re going to end up eating that entire bag of brownies in one night.

Additionally, diets tend to make people feel like they’re part of this exclusive club, and once you waver you’re off the wagon and can’t come back. Giving in to your craving for an ice cream cone is not the end of the world, but sometimes diets can make you feel like it is.

This is not the healthiest way to lose weight.

The nutrition industry is constantly confusing people. One day salt is evil and the next day it’s okay in moderate amounts. It’s the same thing with popular diets. Suddenly, it seems like everyone is gluten free or paleo.

It’s confusing to try to figure out where you stand, which is often what causes people to give up on diets and diet plans.

Diets Don’t Work For Everyone

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to figure out where you stand.

Your cousin Nancy might be a successful vegan who doesn’t miss meat at all, but that might not be what works for you. And that’s okay! You can keep eating meat if that’s what you like.

Just because someone loses 20 pounds on the Atkins diet doesn’t mean you’re going to do the same thing. In fact, some people lose weight eating carbs and some people lose weight cutting them out.

Everyone has a different body, a different lifestyle, and a different point of view. So the key is to figure out what works for you. What someone is telling you works isn’t always the right answer.

So what is the magic answer to all your diet problems? It’s all about making the right healthy lifestyle choices that fit your personal style and objective.

 Sick of Your Diet Plan? Here's Why Precision Nutrition Will Work Better

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s more important that you follow a plan that will work for you that will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight without trying is almost impossible, but revamping your life can make it feel easier.

When you build a healthy lifestyle for yourself, it’s much harder to slack on your diet because it’ll throw off more than just your meal. Your whole routine will be thrown off.

But when you do slack a little bit, you’ll know that it’s okay and you’ll get back to your routine in no time.

Part of living a healthy life is also getting your motivation on track as well as thinking about the world around you in a new and enlightened way. Changing your attitude is half the battle.

Think about it like this. When you’re out for dinner with friends and you’re eating poorly, why are you doing it? Is it because you really enjoy the food, or is it just because everyone around you is eating like that?

 Sick of Your Diet Plan? Here's Why Precision Nutrition Will Work Better

Why Precision Nutrition Won’t Fail You

Precision nutrition is more than just a diet.

The experts at Precision Nutrition don’t follow fads. Instead, they focus on crafting a program that gives you healthy eating and exercise habits that you can work into your life.

Instead of focusing on your outcome goals, Precision Nutrition will help you figure out the steps you need to take to get there in a realistic way. This gives you something you can actually stick to instead of trying to get to a certain goal and see a specific result right away.

The program is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, so you won’t have to worry about making time for it. This is a key factor in carving out your own diet plan that works for you.

In fact, Precision Nutrition isn’t a diet at all. There are no meal plans, calorie restrictions, or food eliminations. Just healthy habits and a better frame of mind.

What Exactly is Precision Nutrition?

Precision nutrition is a structured 12 month nutrition program that helps you incorporate strategic daily habits that will fit into your lifestyle.

Expert coaches like me are on hand to support you and offer you the help you need to stick to your diet and avoid falling off the bandwagon.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are. Precision Nutrition will work for you. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to reach your goal weight, or an experienced personal trainer who wants to get back on a routine, we can help.

Stand apart from the crowd and let yourself be who you were always meant to be.

 Online Fitness Coaching with Karen Pilote GetFitOver40 and Precision Nutrition.

Start Your Journey With Precision Nutrition Today

Take your weight loss journey to new heights with the best coaching out there. Precision Nutrition works and will give you the results you need as long as you stick to your program.

I’m a professional personal trainer and nutrition coach who can help you get on track and start this new and exciting part of your life. My program is powered by Precision Nutrition and I can get you started today.


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