Pork Tenderloin Cubano

1 lb pork tenderloin trimmed
2 tbsp whole grain mustard
1/4 cup cornichons or dill pickles chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
1 pinch chipotle powder
Salt and pepper
METHOD: Preheat grill to a med-high heat. Slice the length of the tenderloin but not all the way through (so that it opens like a book). Cover with plastic wrap and flatten with a mallet so that the meat is the same thickness throughout. Cover the inside with the mustard, cornichons (or pickles), cumin, chipotle and salt and pepper. Roll the tenderloin up and truss with either toothpicks or kitchen twine. Salt and pepper the outside. Spray with cooking spray to prevent sticking to the grill. Cook on grill for about 10 mins each side. Inside temperature should read 155. Allow to sit for a few mins before slicing.
COURSE: Dinner
COOKING TIME: 20 Minutes