How to Have a Healthy New Year by Sticking to Your Resolution

Have a Healthy New Year With These Foolproof Tips to Keep Your Resolution

Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track in 2017

We all make new year’s resolutions, whether we admit it or not. Whether you decide to lose weight, be more polite, or read more books, the point is that it’s time to take control of your life and have a healthy new year.

What does that mean, exactly?

Living a healthy new year doesn’t just mean losing weight or going to the gym more. It means taking control of your habits, breaking bad ones, and starting better ones.

It’s the little things that count. We hear that mantra over and over again, but it’s really true. Start step by step, adopting the right habits that are going to help you maintain.

Let me help you achieve your new year’s goals. Each and every one. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on the right track.

 Have a Healthy New Year With These Foolproof Tips to Keep Your Resolution - New year resolution

Think About Realistic New Year Resolution Ideas

Saying you’re not going to do something all year long is pretty tough and not very realistic. If you make these overly strict rules for yourself, you’ll never be able to keep them. Why? Because you’re leaving your risk for temptation way too high.

Let me explain.

If you say you’re not going to eat sugar all year long, you’re not being very realistic. The minute you let yourself cave and have a piece of chocolate, it’s not going to just be one piece of chocolate. It’s going to be a whole container of cookies, a tub of ice cream, a bottle of wine… you name it.

It’s better to let yourself indulge a little bit every once in a while than to deprive yourself for a long time. Trust me, you deserve the indulgence anyway.

The Habit of Self Control

Self control and its flaws can get the best of all of us. We’ve all been there. We get so dedicated, set all our goals, and then end up on the couch with a plate of nachos.

So how do you tighten your grip on self control?

It comes down to habits. Get in the practice of exerting self-control over something every day.

In a study by the University of New York, people who were trying to quit smoking were given daily tasks to practice exerting self control over something. Some of them gave up sweets, others practiced squeezing a resistance band twice a day.

Those who made it a habit to do those tasks every day successfully quit smoking. That’s because they got in the habit of controlling their urges to give in to temptation. Once something becomes a habit, it’s a part of your life and comes naturally.

 How to Have a Healthy New Year With a Foolproof Resolution - Healthy new year

Define Your Resolution and Then go Public

By define your resolution, I mean determine what it’s going to be. Then, tell everyone.

Yes, tell the world if you have to.

The more people you tell, the more people you have holding you to your goals. Your family and friends will be aware of what you’re trying to do, and they’ll notice when you falter.

Psychologists have done studies that show that when you go public with your goals, you’re more likely to stay on track with them. You have a reputation to uphold, after all.

The more people who could potentially call you out on your mistakes, the more you might be less inclined to make them. Everyone’s watching, so be careful!

Don’t Make More New Year’s Resolutions Than You Can Handle

The more goals you pile on your list, the less likely you’ll be motivated to do them.

You’ll also have a harder time keeping track of them. That’s a recipe for giving up.

Start with a few things from that list, then go step by step. Once you’ve gotten those goals down, then start the next ones.

Doing a few things at a time instead of everything at once will also give you more of a sense of accomplishment along the way. That keeps you motivated to continue on.

 How to Have a Healthy New Year: Make a Resolution and Keep it

Small Habits Make Big Changes

Don’t just make your resolution, “I want to lose 30 pounds.”

These goals are the reason the gym is super busy in January, but back to normal by March. Did you know that only 50 percent of people who make new year’s resolutions still keep them 6 months later?

People don’t keep those goals because there are no trackable, quick results. As a result, we just give up.

Instead, try to make smaller, achievable habits and goals that you can reach now. A goal like, “I’m going to take the stairs at work 3 times a week” or “I’m going to eat healthier breakfasts” works much better.

These goals are easier to track and maintain. This gives you a better sense of achievement, and a positive attitude to stay with it.

 Have a Healthy New Year With These Foolproof Tips to Keep Your Resolution - New year resolution

Keep a Positive Attitude, Even if Your New Year’s Goals Fail

Okay, so you said you wouldn’t use your credit card this year, and then you did. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

If you’re feeling guilty because you reached for the cookies, or had that extra glass of wine, don’t be.

Stay positive and think about the achievements and the good things you’ve done. Hey, remember last week, when you increased your reps and weights? Think about that instead.

The more positive you are, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to work on your goals. If you’ve adopted a negative attitude, you can kiss your motivation goodbye.

So what if you slipped up once or twice? You’re not doing it every day, so just move on.

Let me, Karen Pilote, Help You Stay on Track

I’m Karen Pilote, and I’m a certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

I help people transform their lives through nutrition coaching, personal training, and habit-based changes. Join me and I’ll give you the support you need to live your best life.

I’m ready to help you make your new year’s resolutions and keep them. Are you ready to make the change?

If you think you’re ready, and want to live the life you really want, then sign up now.

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